When doing your bit brings a real change

In the third -and last- action of our social project we had one goal: to show the EOI Madrid students, that their actions, contributions and willingness to do good can have a real and tangible impact.

In this campaign we presented the case of Kinsu Kumar, an Indian boy who speaks directly to the audience. He is the voice of change and hope.

For us it was important to link these two groups of people naturally disconnected, one living in the western world with a life ahead full of possibilities, and the other living in a developing country with too many challenges to overcome.

Our drive and motivation are success stories like the one of Kinsu, rescued at the age of 7 from a uncertain future, to a dramatic change, to today with his career as an engineer. Or the stories of Manan and Amar Lal, both released from child labour at the same age are now pursuing careers as a doctor and a lawyer respectively.

left to right Manan -doctor-, Amar Lal -lawyer-, Kinsu -ingeneer--01

We wanted to transmit the students, the staff of our school, our friends, and whoever finds themselves here reading these lines,  that there is hope, that doing your bit creates a real change. That´s why, after showing around the university a video we made, we asked people to sign up the pledge.

Now you might think, how can a simple click help to end with child slavery? Thanks to organizations like Kailash Satyarthi Children´s Foundation it is possible to connect people around the world, willing to do good but without the knowledge of how they can achieve it. The foundation has successfully created a platform that brings people from all over the world together and gives them the opportunity to have a lasting impact. Drop by drop they have created an ocean that cannot be ignored by governments or big corporations.




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