#MyFreedomDay at EOI

Last month, we held a teaser campaign on campus to introduce our classmates and the EOI staff to the #100MillionPledge.  After the teaser campaign, our goal has been to hold an action on campus each month to raise awareness and engage our community on issues related to child labor and slavery.  For the month of March, we aligned our action with #MyFreedomDay on March 14, an effort where students raised awareness of modern slavery around the world.

EOI’s #MyFreedomDay Action

In our first teaser action last February 15, the whole team was wearing striped shirts so we could be easily identified around campus. We had the idea of all wearing this sort of uniform because, first, we observed in different pictures of recently bonded children from forced labor a pattern of stripe shirts.  This can definitely be a random fact, but it caught our attention.  Second, we thought that if we wanted to engage students and staff of our school, to wear something similar as a symbol to show their commitment to end child slavery, we had to choose something that many people had, and we found that the stripes could be a good option.

After our first action many people asked us about the striped shits we were wearing, because we all had the same one in which we printed the bird of Kailash Satyarthi Children´s Foundation, a unifying image, so people could identify us right away.  The curiosity of the striped shirts also allowed us to continue the conversation on raising awareness of child slavery.

The same day our first action took place we sent all the students in campus an email to thank them for their interest in our campaign. We thought the best way to do it was filming a short video as a wrap up of our action. We were all wearing our striped shirts and we asked them to wear something striped for our second action in order to show their commitment against child labor.

A month passed between our first and second action, so we thought we had to remind the staff and students about our project against child labor, so the day before the event took place, we pasted birds all over the school, like we did for the first action, and we sent another email to the students to remind them to wear stripes the following day if they would like to support the campaign.  To align with #MyFreedomDay, we also asked students to think about what freedom meant to them, so we could evoke other feelings regarding modern slavery that our classmates might have not thought about before.  


On My Freedom Day, we were happy to see how many students wore striped T-shirts to show their support for our campaign.  We also interviewed the students to ask them what freedom meant to them, in order to give context to our action that day.


Next Steps

Now that we have grown awareness of the bird logo, striped shirts, and child slavery on campus, our next actions will focus on engaging students and staff with aspects in their life that could be connected to child slavery.  As we continue to make those connections, we are confident we can increase the number of people to take the #100MillionPledge in ending child slavery.



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