The 100 Million Pledge is On!

Who we are

Our master’s program in Madrid at the Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI) consists of international students coming together to focus on some of today’s biggest global challenges.

It is only natural that the global challenge we face in order to end child slavery is an issue that our program is very passionate about.  That is why we have decided to partner with Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation and the 100 Million for 100 Million Campaign.


Our Commitment

Our program will focus on the campaign’s objective to create awareness of child slavery and labor, and what a consumer can do in order to create impact.  We will specifically focus on creating awareness within EOI, and inform EOI students and staff about that actions they can take to make an impact to help end child labor.

Our Program

We will coordinate monthly awareness campaigns and activities at EOI.  Our first event took place on February 15th, which was a “teaser” event to introduce the school to our campaign.

Other monthly events will align with My Freedom Day on March 14th, International Day of the Child on June 1st, or other worldwide initiatives organized through Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation.  At these events we will continue to engage our classmates and educate them on how they can help us end child slavery, and have them take the 100 Million Pledge.

February 14th – Teaser Campaign

Our program is inspired by the following story, which is the story behind the logo for the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation (KSCH):


Therefore, for our teaser campaign, we wanted to focus on the bird logo.  Our goal would be to post the logo all around school, and on February 15th, Introduce to the students and staff the meaning behind the logo.  We revealed the meaning behind the logo with an emotional video describing how the KSCH fights to end child slavery, along with information on how the students and staff could help end child slavery.

We provided students and staff with envelopes stating how everyday products were created with child labor, and what could they do to help ensure they were purchasing products that avoided these practices.  Finally, the team behind organizing the event all wore striped shirts with the bird logo, and we asked students to wear striped shirts with us for our next event on March 14th which will align with the international My Freedom Day, to demonstrate their solidarity with the campaign.

Spreading Awareness with the logo

We posted logos all over the school – of course with the school’s permission!

Creating the envelopes

Child labour practices for four key products were researched and distributed to the school through paper flyers covering; chocolate, coffee, clothing and  electronics. Each envelope had small icons to easily identify which topic they cover.   

As a sustainable development masters we did not want to use one sheet of paper for envelopes and another one for the leaflets, therefore the flyers were designed in a way which allowed one sheet of A4 paper to produce two flyers in a self-contained envelope. Additionally they were printed on recycled paper and contained a message to recycle them once they had been read.


The day of the Event

All of the classroom projector backgrounds were changed to the bird logo to distribute them image to all of the school in a fast and effective way, making sure the #100MillionPledge hash tag was included alongside it.


We took over the first 10 minutes of class by playing the One Dream video  and then we handed out the envelopes to the students.  The One Dream video also was looping in the entrance hallway of our school that day.


After our classmates had a chance to read the envelopes and understand the campaign, we recorded a video thanking everyone for participating, and reminding them to wear striped shirts on March 14th to show continued involvement in the campaign.

What’s Next?

We repackaged our envelopes into digital assets we can share on social media to continue the conversation of consumer power in the fight against child slavery.


Now that we have successfully introduced our classmates to the 100 Million Campaign, at our next event on March 14th, we will ask them to sign up and take the 100 Million Pledge. After introducing the campaign in this way, we are hopeful that students will now be more willing to provide their email address for the 100 Million Pledge so they can continue to engage in this campaign.  Participating students will help us spread awareness of child slavery, and what consumers can do in the fight to end it.


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