EOI 100 Million Pledge


Our master’s program in Madrid consists of international students coming together to focus on some of today’s biggest global challenges.

It is only natural that the global challenge we face in order to end child slavery is a challenge that our program is very passionate about.  Without meeting the children that are victims to child slavery, but learning what injustices these children face on a daily basis, creates a sense of compassion that transcends boundaries.

This compassion is demonstrated through the dedication to the #100MillionPledge events put on by our program at the Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI), as we understand what is accomplished at EOI can serve as motivation as well as a learning experience for others that want create awareness of the 100 Million for 100 Million campaign.

Are you ready to stand with us to help end child slavery?


#OneDream - Rescued child slaves reflect on their new dreams